Health Products Meet Medical Safety Certification Standard:


Statistics show that China's diaper market sales reached 51 billion yuan in 2018. Experts at the meeting said that the quality standards of the diaper industry in China are slightly broad in terms of safety and performance indicators, which cannot meet the differentiated needs of different consumers for health products.

Ho-bin Jeong, director of Zhongwei 'an (Beijing) Certification Center, said that sanitary products such as medical grade diapers refer to products that have higher health and safety indicators and other characteristics than ordinary grade products, are suitable for occasions and people with high nursing requirements, and have stricter health indicators, stricter performance indicators and more detailed safety standards.

Take baby diapers as an example


Compared with the national standard GB 15979-2002, the medical standard has a strict 5-fold total bacterial colony count, a " no detectable" total fungal colony count, and a 1-fold increase in pathogenic bacteria types


Compared with the national standard GB/T 28004-2011, from the performance index point of view, three indexes are greatly improved and four new absorption performance indexes are added to highlight the application performance of diapers.


In terms of safety indicators, 17 safety indicators have been added, including heavy metal content, plasticizer content, formaldehyde and transportable fluorescent whitening agent.

Ho-bin Jeong said that by the end of 2018, 17 domestic enterprises had applied to join the certification of health care standards and introduced health products with health care standards.

At present, Zhongwei 'an (Beijing) Certification Center has undertaken the certification and accreditation science and technology support program of CNCA, including the research and development of children's rehabilitation management, service certification of primary medical institutions, research and development of medical and nursing combined with pension certification technology. Through technological research and development and standard setting, enterprises are urged to further improve product quality and service quality.