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Traffic Guide

If you need to visit our company, you can choose the following ways:

Qingdao Liuting International Airport


Airport --- Qinglan expressway---Senhai expressway ---Rizhao north toll station----G204 national road northbound 3KM---Rizhao sanqi medical

Qingdao Liuting International Airport

Airport bus

Take the airport bus to Rizhao, Take 101Bus from Rizhao Station to Sanqi medical station

Rizhao shanzihe airport

Airport bus

Airport Bus-Shanfu hotel-101BUS to Sanqi medical station

Rizhao shanzihe airport


Airport -- Senhai expressway -- Rizhao north toll station --G204 national road northbound 3KM-- Rizhao sanqi medical

Rizhao passenger transport terminal (bus, train, high-speed rail)


Rizhao passenger transport terminal--101BUS to Sanqi medical station

Rizhao passenger transport terminal


G204 national road northbound -- Rizhao sanqi medical