Hospital infections worldwide cost $9.8 billion every year , with hospital-wide infections in high-income countries at 7.6 percent and in low-and middle-income countries at an average of 10.1 percent.


Hospital infection treatment cost is high, mortality rate is high, the patients and the hospitals in great trouble.


Sanqi Medical is committed to creating seven major infection prevention solutions for health care workers and patients in the operating room, icu, hemodialysis department, Centers for Disease Control and other infection-prone environments, one-stop products and services to solve the infection prevention problems. To help reduce the incidence of infection in medical care surroundings.

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Operating rooms mask

The bottom layer and the surface layer arenonwovens, the middle is the high-efficiency filter material by machine thermal synthesis. When the bacterial filtration efficiency is no less than 95% and the synthetic blood was sprayed into the outer side of the mask at 120 mmhg pressure, the inside of the mask would not penetrate. It is suitable for clinical medical personnel to wear during invasive operation, provide protection for patients who are treated and carry out invasive operation, prevent the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes, and can be used in operating rooms, examination rooms and other medical care environments.


Operating suit

Multi-layer composite high-performance non-woven fabric sewn, full-body care, rear opening, strong and durable, comfortable, soft, lightweight, breathable, anti-pollution, anti-static. Can effectively block blood, body fluid, alcohol, bacteria penetration, ultra-fine fiber structure to ensure the smooth flow of sweat steam. With high strength and wear resistance, no fiber pile produced, in line with surgical requirements of clean environment requirements. It is doctors who perform surgery, experiments, and study the wear of isolation clothing that can isolate infections caused by germs and other factors, while maintaining their own cleanliness, avoiding secondary infections to patients, and protecting themselves. " Suitable for hospital emergency treatment, clinic treatment and other places to use. Available for one-time use by medical departments during surgery to prevent the spread of infections between patients and paramedics during surgical procedures and other invasive tests, and in operations where no infectious virus is present in the blood of a known patient. It can also be used in surgical operation, patient handling, epidemic prevention inspection in public places, disinfection in virus contaminated area, and widely used in military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, traffic, epidemic prevention and other fields.


Surgical draping

Materials such as composite non-woven fabric and medical double-sided adhesive are produced in aseptic workshop. The main characteristics are good water resistance (water-resistant non-woven cloth), good water absorption (water-absorbing non-woven cloth), high static water pressure, good flexibility, less flocculation, import adhesive (non-allergic), anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil and so on. Suitable for hospital operating room or field rescue, to prevent cross-infection inside and outside the operating room.


Surgical drapes

Materials such as composite non-woven fabric and medical double-sided adhesive are produced in aseptic workshop. A surgical sheet specifically designed to perform surgery on a specific part of the patient, with holes in the list for a particular location of the operation. The surgeon only performs the operation at this pre-defined site, using the surgical kerchief. Avoid cross-infection between the patient and the medical staff to complete the operation with the highest efficiency and the best effect in the environment of cross-infection between the patient and the medical staff; Since the surgical kerchief was designed specifically for surgical use, not only patients were taken care of, but doctors who performed the operation were also protected. Suitable for hospital operating room or field ambulance.


Medical checking gloves

Made of natural latex, it has good tensile strength and elongation, unique post-processing technology, no skin irritation, allergic phenomenon; after special surface treatment, smooth inner surface and crimping easy to wear comfortable. Latex gloves for both hands, crimped wrist mouth, surface anti-skid design. Items worn in the hands, fingers, and other parts of the examiner during a medical examination. Used to prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients.


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